Adult Lessons Form

Thanks for your interest in adult tennis lessons with Slice Tennis. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch!

Do you have a tennis racquet?

Slice Tennis can lend you a racquet when starting out. We then have a great range of affordable tennis racquets which you can view HERE!

You're also welcome to give a demo racquet a go if you are looking for an upgrade, just ask your coach! 

​​Terms and Conditions

- A Professional T.A. Qualified Development, ATPCA or Community coach conducts all tennis sessions.

- For Private Lessons, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson; otherwise the full cost of the lesson will be incurred.

- You will be advised by text message when a session has to be cancelled due to wet weather. Slice Tennis will provide a credit to come off your next invoice when a class has to be cancelled, in the event of wet weather or due to coach unavailability.

- Please advise us if you suffer from any illness that may effect your ability to participate in vigorous physical activity such as asthma or epilepsy.

- Slice Tennis does not offer a credit or make-up session for casual absentees. Slice Tennis will do their best to provide a make-up class when a medical certificate is provided/proof of illness is shown. If a make-up class cannot be allocated, Slice Tennis will give a credit to come off your next invoice. It is important you let us know about the illness/injury as soon as possible, so that we have as much remaining time of the term to allocate the make-up class.

- Slice Tennis has a 14 day written (email) notice period of cancellation. You will be liable to pay for all tennis sessions which fall within that 14 day period. This is as our costs (coaching staff, court hire, equipment and insurances) do not change when a participant is missing from their set tennis sessions. We rely on having a full timetable with all spots secured to ensure we can continue to offer our coaching services at an affordable cost to our clients. This 14 day notice period of cancellation allows Slice Tennis the time to find a student to fill the spot/s without incurring any financial loss so that we are able to continue to provide our reputable coaching services.