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Thank you for your interest in kids tennis lessons. Our Red and Orange Ball program is currently FULL. 

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​​Terms and Conditions

- A Professional T.A. Qualified Development, ATPCA or Community coach conducts all tennis sessions.

- Group Lessons are capped at 6 students per coach for 30 minutes and 8 students per coach for 45 minutes.

- For Private Lessons, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a lesson; otherwise the full cost of the lesson will be incurred.


- To celebrate the achievements of our students we periodically publish images on our website and associated social media channels such as Facebook. If you do not wish for images of your child/children to be used, please email


- Please advise us if your child suffers any illness that may affect their ability to participate in vigorous physical activity such as asthma or epilepsy.


- Please advise us if you child takes any special medications that we should be aware of.


- It is the responsibility of the guardian to pick up their child on time at the completion of all activities. Contact Slice Tennis if there is any reason you cannot pick up your child on time. If there are repeat offences, you will be charged for the time of the coach.


- We attempt to work with the school's after school care facilities by letting them know about any changes to our program which will impact on any of the students in their care and who are involved in our coaching program. However, we cannot accept responsibility regarding your child and tennis.

- You will be advised by text message when a session has to be cancelled due to wet weather. Slice Tennis will provide a credit to come off your next invoice when a class has to be cancelled, in the event of wet weather or due to coach unavailability.

- Slice Tennis does not offer a credit or make-up session for casual absentees. Please refer to the full 'Make-Up/Credit Policy' in the Slice Tennis Handbook you will receive in your 'Welcome to Slice Tennis' email.

- Slice Tennis has a 14 day written (email) notice period of cancellation. Please refer to the full 'Cancellation Policy' in the Slice Tennis Handbook you will receive in your 'Welcome to Slice Tennis' email.