Babolat Pure Aero Team

Colour: Black/Yellow/White

Weight: 285g

The lighter Pure Aero Team offers even better manoeuvrability than the standard Pure Aero version. This racquet is perfect advanced junior players seeking the performance of a premium frame at a more manageable weight point. This racquet also suits adult players seeking a racquet that offers fantastic power and spin in a manoeuvrable weight that favours quick topspin orientated movements.

Product Technology:

- Aeromodular Technology: Updated aerodynamic frame with an optimised design for increased racquet head speed.

- FSI Spin: Open string pattern with oblong shaped grommets to generate more spin.

- Cortex Pure Feel: Better vibration damping thanks to new material powered by SMAC integrated in the graphite at 3 and 9 o'clock that provides an exceptional feel.

- Carbon Ply Stabiliser: Superior stability for increased precision thanks to a new generation of high-performance carbon fibres developed by Chomarat added in the core of the racquet.

Babolat Pure Aero Team

  • The different types of strings:

    Polyester - The main advantages are durability, control and topspin.

    Multifilament - Comfort, power and good tension hold.

    Synthetic - Exceptional power and comfort.

    Natural Gut - It provides exceptional power, comfort and tension hold.

    Hybrids - The mains provide durability and topspin, the crosses provide power and comfort.